Reimbursement procedures

Repayment to each depositor is carried out by FGD from the seventh working day after the date on which the effects of the bank's LCA are produced. In order to obtain refund, the depositor does not have to submit any claim to FGD. The depositor can then go directly to any of the branches indicated by FGD, with communication made both through its own websites and the bank in LCA, as well as on the main national and local newspapers. In fact, FGD will identify for each customer of the defaulted bank the total amount to be reimbursed, on the whole of the relationships with the liquidated bank and make available the sums in favor of individual eligible depositors. Once you have gone to any of the bank branches indicated by FGD, the depositor may demand payment of the sums due to him:

a) in cash (within the limit of 5,000 euro);

b) by issuing a cashier check issued to the depositary;

c) by bank transfer on current account at another bank.

In the specific cases provided for by the law where the amount to be reimbursed exceeds 100,000 euros, the redemption of the excess amount is delayed over time and is made - this time at the customer's request and subject to FGD requirements - within 6 months from the date on which the effects of the bank's LCA are produced.

See "Frequently Asked Questions" for more details on this case and other circumstances where repayment times extend beyond 7 days.