EFDI Meeting - November, 19th and 20th

The FGD will host in Rome, on November, 19th and 20th, at the “Palazzo della Cooperazione”, a series of working meetings among the Deposit Guarantee Schemes members of the EFDI (acronym of European Forum of Deposit Insurers), the European Association which brings together about 50 countries.

About 50 registered participants are expected, representing 25 countries belonging to the various economic areas of the European continent (EU, EEA, other countries).

On the first day, the EU Committee, the representative body of the 28 countries currently members of the European Union, will meet to decide on the issuing of some technical guidelines for associated members, relating to the guarantee of depositors in Europe.

On the second day, an international workshop on the use of funds by Guarantee Systems (DGS/IPS) for early intervention and “alternative measures” will take place.

Among the various presentations planned, the FGD will illustrate the results of the Survey conducted in collaboration with EFDI on this topic, which has involved the participation of 44 institutions from 38 European countries.